Course Descriptions:


String Orchestra II Honors is a UC/CSU honors level course which earns a 5.0

GPA. Both string orchestras receive UC/CSU approved Fine Arts or Applied Arts credit. Advanced techniques and musical concepts are explored. Students are assigned to this class based on year-end auditions. Placement is according to individual student needs, and the needs of the groups as a whole. Students are moved up (and down) as individual progress dictates. The String Orchestra II Honors performs collegiate and professional repertoire and is open to selected string and piano students of superior ability by audition only. The String Orchestra II Honors is preceded by String Orchestra I. The Ventura High School String Orchestra II Honors has earned distinction nationwide at invitational music festivals Boston, Chicago, New York, Hawaii and San Francisco. The String Orchestra performs as both a classical orchestra as well as mariachi and Latin repertoire.

VHS Honors String Quartet:

Each year, four outstanding string players are selected to participate in the Honors String Quartet. The quartet performs some of the most challenging professional literature. This group has earned distinction nationwide at District, Regional, and State Festivals.